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Our adventure weekend begins on Thursday with everyone arriving and setting up camp throughout the day.  We will use this first day as "get to know you" time. 

Friday and Saturday mornings begin with breakfast and some quick lessons or a hike in the beautiful surroundings looking for evidence. We conduct workshops throughout the day, with ample free time for you to explore the surrounding forests or travel into the nearest town for a little "civilization".  Our evenings will consist of pre-determined teams conducting night time operations, which include call blasting, road running (both on foot and in vehicle), silent post observations and "every day" camper activities at base camp.  The weekend concludes Sunday morning, after breakfast, with a quick overview of the weekend activities and collected evidence.  We will all pose for a group picture before everyone goes on their seperate ways with memories of a life time.

sample itinerary:

8-9am - Breakfast

9:30am – Casting class. These hands on class will teach you how to mix and pour materials to preserve the tracks and impressions as best as possible.  All needed materials will be provided.

10am - Evidence Collection Class.  This class will teach you the basics of evidence collection while out in the field. 

11am – Short hike, familiarize ourselves with the terrain and the history of bigfoot sightings in the area.

12:30 – 3pm - Lunch / Free Time

3:30pm – discuss details of night investigation.  Location, placements, equipment check.

5:30 – 7pm – Dinner

7pm – Begin placement for night investigations.  Hike out to pre-assigned areas to begin our night investigations.  We will be broken up into groups, each group having its own set of duties ranging from “road walking” to stationary surveillance. 

Night investigations carry on into the wee hours of the morning, depending on activity.  Anyone unable, or nervous of spending so much time away from camp, should let the coordinators know ahead of time. 

        What's included

  • 3 days and 4 nights campsite 
  • Meals will be provided
  • Workshops and training from experienced Bigfoot researchers 
  • Transportation to and from airport provided for our out of town guests.
  • Campers must provide their own gear.

 Recommended Gear:

Sleeping bag / Pillow
Flashlight / Headlamp (RED LIGHT)
Daypack (backpack)
Towels (for showers)
Hiking boots
Several changes of socks
Proper clothing for weather
Bug repellent

Please note: we carry on with investigations regardless of weather conditions and only cancel in the event of severe weather. It is up to the individuals to monitor weather conditions prior to arrival to be prepared.

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