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About Us


Fathom Frontiers have  been researching Bigfoot for the last few years and they have made their way into the inner circle of Ohio’s Bigfoot community. Alan and Jesse met when they were in first grade and have had a brotherly bond ever since. They approach Bigfoot research very seriously but their adventures are anything but. The comedic duo is eager to entertain and always leave their audience smiling. Their website has matured into a great source of information on Bigfoot events and investigations from around Ohio as well as showcasing the talents of their two man investigation team. Fathom Frontiers has been the official film crew for the annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference for the last three years and they spend lots of hours hiking the forests of Ohio with some of the state’s top investigators.


Sharon Lee is the host of The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show and runs her website,
She began researching the Bigfoot phenomenon in 2006 and became an active field researcher in 2008.  She has had many Bigfoot related experiences out in the field, including capturing suspected Bigfoot vocalizations.
Sharon Lee travels across the United States to cover Bigfoot related events and expeditions.
Her mission is to promote and share research, information and events regarding the existence of the unlisted humanoid known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot, and to help further education and understanding to the public regarding the species throughout the United States.

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